Lifestyle & Product Images

Case Study
Fisherman Out Of Ireland

Our work

Lifestyle and Product imagery was created for Fisherman Out of Ireland of their clothing collections. Images were used for their website, print advertisements in the media, in store advertisements such as point of sale cards, social, trade shows & in their showroom. This imagery was used by themselves and all stores that stock their clothing.

Creative Process

Clothing was shot on location in scenic areas representative of the brands ethos and heritage. 

Each garment was also photographed on the models with a plain seamless background for catalogue and trade show use. Fabric swatches were shot to show alternate colour ways for repeating styles. 

Work in practice

The entire collection is shot over 3-5 days in a short time frame. Yarn production is just completed before garment sample making. As a result, the clothing is coming straight off the machines to be shot &  final images need to be delivered in approximately 10 days. This is to allow print materials to be created in time for international tradeshows which are vital to the business.

We block book the time needed in advance and work exclusivley for Fisherman Out of Ireland until the work is signed off. 

Modelled Product Shots

Garments were shot on plain backgrounds to be used for e-commerce & ordering brochures. 

Lighting was balanced to create even distribution across the subject to show all garment details and true colours.