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Beauty by Suzy McCanny Photography

If you want some beautiful images of yourself that you will treasure for years to come then you are in the right place.

Am I the right person for you?

I love to create fashion style beauty images like you’d see in any magazine. I have had my work featured in lots of magazines as a fashion stylist and fashion photographer so have thousands of hours of experience in this area. I love natural beauty and glamorous diva moments, playing dress up and woman power. I have a degree in fashion and clothing, did further study in fashion styling specifically and spent years learning my trade on photoshoots in New York and London. This is relevant because it means I know how to make you look your best, from choosing the right clothing to the right posing and lighting. My qualifications in photography from the Master Photographer Association (UK), Professional Photographers Association of America (Certified Professional Photographer) and the Irish Professional Photographers Association were focused on commercial photography. Fashion and beauty imagery was the area I specialised in in all my qualifying work . It’s an area of photography that I am deeply passionate about and if you’d like to create something special for yourself, then I’d love to help.

Where do you shoot?

I have a studio on Wine St in Sligo. You can see it here. It’s great to have a dedicated indoor space when the Irish weather is playing it’s tricks but I also shoot outdoors and in any great locations I can find. If you have somewhere in mind, I’d be happy to hear about it!

How do I book?

Just go to the contact  section of my site and get in touch. We can arrange to have a chat about what you would like. The studio operates by appointment so you’ll need to call ahead to schedule a time to do this as we are often busy with our lovely customers.

Do you do boudoir?

Yes, we do Boudoir/ Beauty photography. We don’t show much of this work on the web due to it’s personal nature.

We plan these shoots to make sure that we get the mood and style just right for you whether you want fine art nudes or playful pin up we’ll talk to you about your body, your dream images, your wardrobe and all the small things that will help create the artwork you’ll treasure.

If you’d like to see some of these images & have a consultation about what you have in mind for your session please get in touch

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