Behind the Scenes of Commercial Fashion Imagery

When Nichola talked with me about making imagery for her Shrawls, we knew from the outset that they would have to be dynamic and vivacious as she is an actress and each piece she makes is created along her journeys as she becomes different characters for theatre and film. She knits at auditions, in rehearsal rooms, on movie sets and sometimes another famous actor will have knit a line or two in a Shrawl! Each of her creations has had an exciting life before it is even finished.

We wanted to bring this energy to her images and agreed that Marketa Formanova was the perfect person to be the face & spirit of the images. Marketa is a professional dancer and is the kind of person that comes into a room with a whirl of happy energy and enthusiasm. Within seconds you realise that everyone’s smiles are bigger and brighter and then she starts to dance. . . We talked about the mood and direction and created powerful tribal dance movements, then we went with some cheeky jazz and a classical piano piece. She was 20 different characters in the space of seconds as she whirled, spun and shimmied around the room. See behind the scenes of our shoot.

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