Fine art photography image

of a girl dancing, high contrast black and white, multi exposure, twirling silk dress by Suzy McCanny Photography & Fashion, Ireland

Doing some experimenting for another shoot. Some times the  best guinea pig is myself so I decided to be my own test subject so this is a self portrait, well multiple self portraits actually. I did this with an intervalometer, camera on tripod, lots of twirling and jumping about until I felt very dizzy, then some photoshop to bring it together.

Fine Art Fashion black & white dancing-art-dress-fashion by Suzy McCanny Photography & Fashion in Ireland

About the technique used to create an image like this

In photography intervalometers are used to trigger exposures. This is often done for a time-lapse series as the camera can be set to take any desired number of frames with a specified interval between shots.  It may also be used to take, or begin taking, picture(s) after a set delay. Most modern cameras include the most basic intervalometer functionality, the “self-timer”. This delays the shutter release for a short time, allowing the photographer to get into the picture, for example.

With photoshop, the layer blend modes are the main component of the editing process used to composite the selected images together. There are camera and flash photography techniques that would allow you to take an image like this in one frame but the details wouldn’t be so clear on each component so it would be more of a blur of movement. I decided I wanted to choose each stage of the movement so made this image with multiple frames shot in quick succession.

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