Newborn Photography

Portrait photography Sligo, Ireland. Suzy McCanny

For newborn photoshoots we usually do sessions in the studio, as we have lots of props, great heaters and a full range of lights and backdrops to hand. We can do images of you with your baby or just your baby alone. Stylized images take time to set up so these have to be planned in advance.

Newborn sessions can run a little longer than others -A sitting normally lasts from forty five minutes to an hour and a half .

*Newborn sessions are normally within the baby’s first 14 days and the time allows for feeding, winding, changing & positioning as needed.  These sessions can be provisionally booked based on your due date and then confirmed on baby’s arrival. It’s best to shoot babies that were born overdue in their earliest days as they tend to uncurl from their foetal positions more quickly but with premature babies you have a little more time to get those sweet curled up shots.

Clothing: For pictures with the family we often find that dark clothing works well for these type of shoots as it is the most slimming and therefore best at hiding and extra baby weight if it’s something you feel conscious of. It also keeps the focus of the images on you and your baby rather than your clothes and therefore won’t date. Long sleeves are also good for these sessions as it stops your arms from stealing the spotlight. We also often do chest to chest images with Dad’s and it can be great to show your tiny baby held in big strong Dad arms so if this is something you would like we recommend having a long sleeve and short sleeve or bare chest option for a few shots.

Preparation: You’ll just need to bring your baby and their usual diaper bag. We prefer to use your own wipes etc incase your baby’s sensitive skin would have any reaction to different products we might have.

If you’d like to have any particular colour as the main tone of your shots please let us know so that we can have blankets and any other props ready in these colours if possible. If you know you’d like to hang your baby’s portrait in a particular room it’s a good idea to keep these colours in mind when we’re planning your shots to make sure it compliments the colour palette of your home. If you aren’t yet sure where you’ll hang your image we’ll usually use neutral colours so that it will look good in any space.

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