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Case Study
Louise Knits Hats

Our work

Lifestyle and Product imagery was created for a new brand Louise Knits Hats. Images were used for their website, advertising and branding materials. 

Creative Process

We shot the full hat collection in the studio with one model. We then took a selection of hero products outside to create key lifestyle images for banner advertising images.

Work in practice

We used a range of colour backgrounds in the studio which would look harmonious together when used side by side while also making the collection of images look more dynamic. Colours were selected to work with the colour palette of the hats. We used both contrasting and analogous colour combinations to create images that would appeal to customers of various ages.

We created fashion looks to go with each hat and styled the looks to appeal to the businesses ideal clients. 



E-commerce Website

You can visit Louise Knit’s Hats at

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