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Louise Waters Natural Therapies

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Lifestyle imagery was created for Louise Waters Natural Therapies for their premises, website, social media and print use. Imagery was used to show the lifestyle and values associated with the business while also creating the feelings of relaxation & natural well being.

Creative Process

At the inception of the business we met and  discussed the visual identity of the brand. We looked at how the values and core mission could be translated aesthetically.

 This included looking at colour values, the tones and shades which reflected the mood that the business wanted to create. This would be used in their premises and across all platforms where their customers would interact with their branding. A neutral and harmonious colour palette was chosen and the location for a photoshoot slected which had the chosen colour scheme as well as multiple assets to use in close proximity such as tree life and a body of placid water.  

In addition to the lifestyle shoot we shot some profile pictures of the business owner, the premises and a selection of images to represent the different services offered  by Louise Waters Natural Therapies. These images would be used primarily for the website illustrating the offerings of the business and creating a cohesive aesthetic across the site.  

Additional Information about how we create signature branding images.

Brand consultation

A brand consultation includes a review of current media acoss all platforms and locations. We then look at the plans for the business moving forward and assess the best use of media to compliment their growth strategy. 


We craft the production of your media around the guidelines set out in your consultation. We choose all aspects of our productions based around our brief to make sure the visual story furthers the brand’s chosen direction. Some elements we consider are colours, tones, lens choices, shooting style, models,  location choice & retouching style. Combining all these elements, we develop a look that is uniquely yours. 


We review and continue to work with your business to keep your content fresh and on point. When your business grows or pivots, we’ll help you work with your current media and develop new content to fit your needs to transition your aesthetic while maintaining the value of your existing media bank


If you need to create additional daily content for social media we can work with you to make your in house imagery better and give you some tools to help keep the look consistant with your main branded imagery. 

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