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Magee 1866

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Product imagery was created for Magee 1866 of all clothing for e-commerce and  print media product features. This imagery was used on their own website and by all stockists of their clothing.


Creative Process

All clothing was photographed in the studio on mannequins and then retouched to show the garment’s accurate fit & shape. Colours were managed from start to finish to ensure the buyer would receive what they saw on their screens.

The mannequin was removed in post production to create the ghost form appearance.

Each background was cut out of the image so that it could be used in an overlay style such as in magazine features.

Every garment image was also delivered on a perfect white background so that they would appear to float on the web page in a clean layout without any background box or shadowing.

We captured overview and detail shots of each garment showing their quality and craftsmanship. Details included trims, fabrics, hand finishing & design accents.


Work in practice

Magee sent or couriered their clothing to us each season. We photographed them and returned the clothing over 3-5 days. We then post produced the images to optimise them for use on the web and in print. 

Guidelines and Consistancy

We worked with Magee to create brand guidelines for consistency across all their images from season to season including shot lists for specific garment types, uniform border sizes on all images, file naming, meta data for search engine optimisation and image sizing outputs .

File Management

A master list of all products shot was managed to avoid duplication. An image archive was created and maintained for cross referencing and as an offsite back up. The in-house team were able to upload the clothing collections to the web easily as all files were sized, meta tagged and ready for use.

Additional Information about how we create product images.

Time Management

Large quantities of product shots are booked in advance to guarantee the turn around time that brings the products from the manufacturer to the sales floor with minimum time lag

User Testing

We have extensively worked with end users to work out the best image practices for sales, attaining repeat customers & building brand loyalty. We offer consultations to create the content that will best serve your business.

Market Research

We carry out ongoing market research to maintain best practices for content delivery and engagement, making sure that the content we create for you always meets the latest standards and requirements for your sales platforms.

Quantity Costing

Costs per image scale with image quantities so it is most cost effective for you to send your products in the largest numbers possible.

Fashion Photography Ireland

Magee Lifestyle 2020

We created the lifestyle fashion shoot for the 2020 collection the Sligo mountains
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland
Fashion Photography Ireland

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