I really liked a product shot I took recently which was done just to isolate the lettering on a frosted glass bottle.  I couldn’t resist having a little play with it although all the rest of the product images I’m producing for the brand will end up looking very different. The glowing image made me think of a magic elixir which is really what their products are when it comes to skincare.

Voya Elixir Commercial Product Photography Ireland by Suzy McCanny Photography & Fashion-product-shots-commercial-imagery-images-business-sell-products-online

I was lucky enough to be given some of their swag when I was photographing the Voya creators a while ago and have since then completely adopted their products as my go-to skin care. I love that it’s organic, a local company, smells delicious and feels divine. Most of all I love that my skin has way less blemishes than usual so instead of having a mish mash of all different products tumbling around my bathroom I have a tidy little stock of my magic seaweed elixir now.

In case you are wondering about the motivations behind my above praise- I think people are so quick to complain about the negative and forget to praise when something is done well. I’m a big believer in shouting the positives from the roof top, especially these days, when it takes a lot not to cut corners to cut costs, to just go and emigrate, and go the extra mile to create the best you can. It’s the person that smiles when they serve you lunch, the postman that goes out of his way not to bend my photographs, the chef that makes all their own sauces from scratch, I think it’s important to tell them that they make my day better.

It doesn’t cost anything to share your appreciation for a job well done, it’s just too easy not to.

BTW, there is no product called Rejuvenate. I made that up because I thought it went with my image.